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Welcome to Convert2MP3, where you can convert your files into MP3. Our mission is to transform file formats into audio formats, providing a seamless and engaging experience for our beloved users. Our devoted team created this website for modern converters to change file formats in the blink of an eye.

Our Goal

The Remarkable Journey of Convert2MP3

Convert2MP3 started with a team of audio lovers and tech-savvy minds. We quickly got involved when we realized a growing demand for accessible audio conversion tools, especially free ones. Convert2MP3 became the go-to platform where anyone could access these essential tools. We gathered a talented team experienced in audio technology and conversion algorithms to bring this vision to life.

Today, we're pleased to offer a collection of high-quality audio conversion tools at absolutely no cost. Our focus is on simplifying converting audio files, empowering users to unleash their creativity, and demonstrating the endless possibilities of audio conversion in professional and recreational tasks.

Our Goal

Meet Our Founder - Taylor Davies

Meet the young and creative founder of Convert2Mp3 - Taylor Davies. He leads our professional team and helps Convert2MP3 achieve its ambitious goals. Convert2MP3 began with a straightforward yet impactful idea: provide excellent audio conversion tools for EVERYONE. The team dedicated themselves to this vision.

Our mission is to develop top-notch audio conversion tools, comparable to paid ones and make them accessible to all, free of charge. This goal has been our focus from the beginning, and we continue to grow and improve every day.

Our Core Values

Our core values at Convert2MP3 define who we are and guide everything we do.
Putting You First

We teach everything we know to our beloved members. We want to make sure that everything we do benefits you because you are the reason we are here.


We love finding new and cool ways to improve our audio conversion service. We always aim to do things really well, from how our voices sound to how reliable our technology is.


We believe that modern technology should be for everyone, so we work hard to make sure our services are easy to navigate for everyone.


We value your privacy and data, so we are open about the technologies we use on the back end to protect your documents and data.

Our Users

Convert2MP3 tools have become the preferred solution for many kinds of audio enthusiasts. Our ideal users include the following:

Music Enthusiasts

Content Creators


Students and Educators

Casual Users

Radio Stations

Language Learners

Gaming Communities

Event Organizers

DJ and Music Producers

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