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Download Facebook videos in HD quality with a single click! Copy and paste the URL to quickly save your favorite videos.

Free Facebook Video Downloader

Our free Convert2mp3’s Facebook video downloader makes it easy to access high-quality Full HD, 2K, and 4K Facebook videos in MP4 format on your phone, PC, or tablet without any hurdle. This easy-to-use FB video downloader works perfectly on iOS and Android smartphones and doesn't need any software or third-party app installation. You can easily add the Facebook downloader to your browser so that you can access it quickly while you're watching movies, shows, and short clips on Facebook.

  • 1 Find and copy the URL of the Facebook video that you want to download and paste the video URL into the appropriate field of https://convert2mp3.us/facebook-video-downloader.
  • 2 Select on the video quality and format you want, like HD or MP4 and click the Download button.
  • 3 Watch for a few seconds until the tool processes and produces a link to download the video of your choice.
  • 4 Press the "Convert" button to convert any file to MP3.
  • 5 When the conversion of a file is completed, you can download this converted file into your device, or share it on any platform or friends.

Our reliable FB Video Downloader helps you to store and watch videos offline to improve your online experience.

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Why Choose Our Facebook Downloader?

User-friendly interface:

Our Facebook Video Downloader has a simple and user-friendly interface that helps us to quickly download their favourite videos from Facebook.

High quality Videos:

Our Facebook downloader can quickly save high-quality videos like full HD, 1080p, 2K, and 4K in MP3 or MP4 format on your device and watch anytime. There is no lag or streaming problems when you watch movies that you have saved.

Safe and secure:

We ensure the safety and security of the downloading process because we respect the privacy and security of our users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our FB video downloader is totally free to use.

With our FB video downloader, you can save videos from any publicly accessible Facebook page or profile.

No, there are no limits to downloading videos every day using our free downloader.

Downloading videos accessible to the public for personal use is usually legal.

This depends on the downloader and the original video quality shared to Facebook. But our Facebook video downloader saves and downloads high-quality videos: Full HD, SD, 2K, and 4K.
Frequently Asked Questions

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